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You’re Using Old And Dusty Techniques That No Longer Work…

You see, you’re probably using the old rusty advertising methods that everyone are using…And it all starts here.

Using print advertising, Yellow Page ads, classified ads, or any other crappy old techniques is just not enough these days.

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That’s because you keep relaying on old ways to advertise your service and the way your customers are buying has changed. We understand the frustration many business have today with traditional advertising methods.

I know that it’s funny…But it’s true.

Today it’s rare to stumble upon a advertising opportunity that generates cash over and over…Most of the advertising options you have require you to pay them every month instead of them putting money in your pocket!

We Help Local Businesses Get Found By Their Customers When They Are Ready To Buy!

Search engines are giving preferential treatment to local businesses by allowing them to appear on the first page of search engine results for relevant keywords. For example, perhaps you have seen the Maps that are showing up on Google. Msn and yahoo have similar technology.

The businesses that wait too long will find harder to catch up and lose business.

Many businesses, including your competitors are taking advantage to this. The businesses that wait too long will find harder to catch up and lose business.

Get On The 1st Page of Google For a ONE TIME Fee Rather Than A Large Monthly Recurring Bill!

Thats right. In most cases, we can get your business listed on the first page of Google for a one time fee. Be suspicious of firms out there that are charging $100 to $300 per month for you to be listed in the search engines local maps. This may not necessary, and you use that money to drive even more slaes with additional internet advertising.

Local Directory Optimiziation

We help businesses create optimized local directory listings to appear in local search engine results.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Write your directory profiles to reflect your keywords and optimized for you location

By hand we create local directory listing ins Google, MSN and Yahoo.

We manually submit to 100 additional directories used by major search engines to establish you local directory with them.

We submit your business information to over 1000 additional directories that search engines rely on to authenticate your business.

We provide 2 additional services that are keys to success (we will share them with you when we talk).

We will optimize your website for local search (up to 10 pages) No website? No problem. We will provide you with a complete and professional website instead of the optimization.

We research the keywords your customers use to search for your service



Deluxe Keyword Analysis – $500 Value

We compile a list of over 4000 keywords, sift through them all to find out the profitability of each, the number of people searching and the probability of being in the front page of Google.

This keyword analysis will give you the power to make smart long term internet marketing decisions Without, you shooting in the dark.



Promotional Video Creation - $560 Value

We produce a 30 second for your company that educate your clients and move them down your sales funnel. They will all be professionally created with the themes/logos that you chose ahead of time. At the end of every video there will be a call to action

This keyword analysis will give you the power to make smart long term internet marketing decisions Without, you shooting in the dark.



Internet Video Marketing - $560 Value

We submit your marketing video to the right social media outlets with the keywords your customers are searching with to generate an immediate influx of leads as the videos will have high rank, often higher then your established competitors.

This gives you an opportunity to outflank your competitors, differentiate yourself and save money over alternatives like pay per click campaigns.

With Only 1 Job A Quarter You Will Get A 10 to 1 Payback In The First Year Alone – Although Our Clients Are Getting A Job A Month


Your Business Case 10 to 1 payback or more

Once listed, our clients are getting 1 job per month

We will create a customized marketing video and submit it to search engines – creating even more sales by leap frogging your competition in the search engines

You will avoid manually creating 100s of directories which is one of the keys to success (I will share with you others when we talk)

We will show you what your customers are using to search for your product or service – giving you powerful information to improve all of your internet marketing decisions.

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I know that they are saying this because they don’t want to many competitors to flood the market with it, and I truly understand it.

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You’re Going To Be on The First Page of Google within 90 days or we will create and submit a new marketing video each month!

I don’t have to tell you that the our Local Directory Optimization is going to change your life right?

You can see it for yourself.

We’re giving you all the tools you need in order to bank thousands of dollars each and every month starting right now. The only thing YOU have to do is follow up and close the sale and the money will start to roll in.

But if you’re still hesitating because you’re not sure that it’s for you…I have another surprise for you…

You will get a free landing page (a $300 value) for your video integarted with a web based Customer Relationship Management application for you and 2 additional members of your team ($75 a month value for free)!

Your leads will appear in your CRM application for tracking, emailing and follow up.

You will see have the ability to follow up on your sales prospects without having to worry about data entry! And you will see how much money your Internet Marketing investment is paying you back!

You see, I know that you’re working hard for your money.

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I promise you, we will not waste your time. Talk to us about the services your provide in your local areas. We will do our homework, and if we can’t bring equal or greater results to you, we won’t even ask for your business.

Best of success,

Anthony Sarno

P.S. Don’t forget that you can stay stuck like you are now for years to come. The longer you wait to get your business optimized for local search engines, the harder and more expensive it will be to get found on the first page of Google Maps. If you want to make some serious money online you MUST order the Local Directory Optimization Service right now and start making money with it in no time…or your competitors are getting the business.

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P.S.S.S.S. Just remember that I’m limiting the number of discounted copies that will be sold to only 20. That means that it is possible that right now while you’re reading, someone else is going to grab your discounted package…And instead of paying the low price right now, you’ll have to pay A LOT more for the Local Directory Optization Service. Don’t hesitate, CONTACT US NOW.