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The best way to see a meteor shower is to get to a location that has a clear view of the entire night sky. Views Read Edit View history.

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They better clean that shit up before somebody finds out! I thought wow, pretty awesome. She literally tried to swallow my cock! Two Years After the Storm: I tried to make up some lame excuse, by my stepsister was sent buying it, threatening to tell on my parents. Naked shower time. Meteor showers can fill the sky, but they always travel away from the constellation they're named after — that origin point is called the shower's "radiant.

The shower's "peak" is when Earth passes through the heart of the dusty trail, and meteors can often be seen for days before and after that peak. The cutie was getting some mad cock and soon enough she was horny enough as well to get fucked hard.

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I just love taking sexy showers with my GF, and today I walked into our bathroom and found her there all sexy and shiny. We caught up with NASA meteor shower expert Bill Cooke for advice on how to see each of this year's showers and the inside scoop on the most spectacular. The last couple of weeks have been awesome thanks to a couple of spy cams I had placed around the house, including the bathroom!

We got out of the shower, I placed her over the bathroom counter, spreading her legs wide open and eating her out. Behind Closed Bathroom Doors: Bits and pieces of meteor showers are visible for a certain period of time, but they really peak from dusk to dawn on a given few days. I buried my face between her ass, spreading her delicious butt cheeks wide open and burying my tongue and the crack of her ass, licking her tender little asshole and her wet slit, what a treat!

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Binoculars or telescopes tend to limit your field of view. Little did she know, she was actually blowing her own stepson. Naked shower time. Nice nude nipples. She rubbed her muff while taking it all in and got on her back, begging me to fuck her in missionary position. She thought that I just want to take a shower but became clear about my intentions when she saw my hard-on. Perseid earthgrazers can only appear at early to mid-evening, when the radiant point of the shower is close to the horizon.

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